Rules Bounce House and Water Slide Safety!

Supervision Required

All inflatables, bounce houses and water slides must be supervised by someone 18 years or older at all times while in use.

Health Conditions

Participants with health conditions such as heart problems, back problems, broken bones, etc. are not permitted to use the inflatable. Pregnant people are also prohibited from using the inflatable.

No Fighting

No fighting or rough play inside the inflatable. This includes climbing, flipping, wrestling, hitting, etc.

No Shoes

Please remove shoes before entering any inflatable device.

No Food or Drink

There is no food or drink allowed inside the inflatable. ESPECIALLY choking hazards like gum, candy, etc.

No Sharp Objects

Please make sure there are no sharp objects in the inflatable or on your person before entering.

One Slider at a Time

Only one participant may slide at a time on each lane of a slide. Please slide with your feet first sitting on your bottom. No double or tandem sliding. Most slide injuries come from parents sliding with children in their laps.

No Silly String

Silly string will permanently damage the inflatable. Please keep it far away from the inflatable.

No Pets

No pets in or near the inflatable, bounce house or water slide.

Remove All Jewelry

Please remove all jewelry before entering a bounce house or water slide. This includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, eye glasses, etc.

Safety Procedures

High Winds

All of our inflatables, bounce houses and water slides are designed to withstand winds up to 15 MPH consistently or gusts up to 20 MPH. If wind speeds exceed this amount please have everyone immediately and safely exit the inflatable and unplug it from the power source. If winds die down you may plug the inflatable back in and resume play if it is safe for all participants. Our wind safety system will text and email you in the event of high winds in your area during your event. Please note this is just a tool to help you determine safety and is not fail proof. Please use good judgement at all times in regards to wind speed and safety

Power Loss / Deflation

In the event that your inflatable, bounce house or water slide loses power or begins deflating please safely and calmly instruct all participants to exit the inflatable. Once all participants have exited check the power cord to make sure it wasn't accidentally unplugged. From there if you are using a GFCI protected outlet make sure that it is working properly and click the reset button if necessary. Lastly check your circuit breaker to make sure it hasn't been flipped and flip it back if necessary. If this doesn't solve your issue please call or text us and we will send someone out to assess and remedy the issue.

Inclement Weather

All of our inflatables are able to be used in a light rain but are slippery when wet so please use extra caution when jumping or playing. In the event of heavy rain, downpour or lightning we ask that everyone exits the inflatable and it is powered off by unplugging from the power source.